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Success Stories

Custom Weatherization

At 18, Otis McNeil couldn’t get a bank to give him a loan to start his business. Today, he has eight employees, a 5,000-square-foot multi-use office/warehouse space, a small fleet of trucks and all the equipment they need to deliver on just about any job.

Rising Tide Case Study 2

Just Around the Corner

Still recovering from startup costs, strained by the recession, and turned away by her bank, Diane Bowers desperately needed a small loan to help make ends meet. With Rising Tide, she was able to keep her doors open and make the smart business decisions that would help it grow.

Beauty Alibi, LLC.

A micro loan from the Rising Tide helped Carmen Toro  expand her business through the internet.

 Johnnie Lustig’s Hotdogs

The Bethlehem Small Business Loan Fund, administered by The Rising Tide, allowed John Lustig to continue his family legacy by opening Johnnie Lustig’s Hotdogs.

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