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In this Business Loan Application, the words “We”, “Us”, and “Our” mean Rising Tide Community Loan Fund and the words “You” and “Your” mean the Applicant(s)

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You certify that all statements in this Application and on each document required to be submitted in the connection herewith, including federal income tax returns, are true, correct and complete. You authorize Us to make such inquires and gather such information as We deem necessary and reasonable concerning any information provided to Us on this Application or on any such required document, including inquiries to the Internal Revenue Service. You further agree to notify Us promptly of any material change in any such information. You authorize Us to accept Your online signatures on this application and, subsequently, on any other documents associated with the credit for which You are applying and You agree that Your online signature will have the same legal force and effect as Your original signature. You assume any risk that may be associated with permitting Us to accept your online signature.

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