Johnnie Lustig’s Hotdogs

The Bethlehem Small Business Loan, administered by The Rising Tide, allowed John Lustig to continue his family legacy by opening Johnnie Lustig’s Hotdogs.

John Lustig is a seasoned veteran in the meat business. His passion began in 1966 when his parents opened Lustig Meats. Lustig’s Hotdogs is a take-out only shop. John’s hotdogs will be distinctly different from his competitors for they will be made fresh on the premises without the use of preservatives, artificial colors or dyes and they will only be cooked one time.
“I didn’t choose this profession. I was born into it. I remember my dad opening the door to the smoker in the plant and slicing off a hot dog and giving it to me,” Lustig said. “It tasted phenomenal.
John is bringing that experience to his customer’s by using his family recipe. Carrying on the tradition of handmade smoked meats, Johnnie Lustig’s prepares and smokes the frankfurters before opening each day. Smoked, never grilled. Their hotdogs are never reheated. The hot dogs and fresh Lusitania Bakery rolls sit in a steam warmer until a customer places an order. Then the dogs and rolls are cut-to-order, topped with whatever toppings the customer wants.
The $77,000 loan to Johnnie Lustig’s Hotdogs provided machinery and equipment to make fresh hotdogs and sausages on the premises. With the help of The Rising Tide Community Loan Fund, in partnership with the City of Bethlehem’s Small Business Loan Fund, John was able to purchase the equipment he needed to continue his family legacy. A hot dog will run you $2.50 or you can try the $4 lunch special, which includes an A-Treat soda, chocolate milk or water and potato chips.
The purpose of The Rising Tide is to identify small business and community development credit needs that may stifle the creation of economic opportunities for growth and to meet those needs with affordable credit products, especially in low-to-moderate-income communities. The City of Bethlehem’s Department of Community and Economic Development encourages business location and expansion through technical and site selection assistance and financial programs. For more information visit

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