Welcome to The Rising Tide – Tom Stine

Check out our newest hire Tom Stine and his passion for helping people!  Welcome to the team!

As the new RTCLF Business Advisor, I’m excited to be of service to the community’s entrepreneurs and business owners who make this region hum. I’ve deeply involved in the community as a volunteer, advisor and Board member for over 20 years. Over the years I’ve supported: Ben Franklin Tech Partners NE, (BFTP-NE) Equi-Librium, Southside Vision, Rising Tide, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, Microlog, Lehigh’s V- Series. My wife is also a business owner/founder of Lehigh Valley Counseling. We have daughters aged 28, and 31 both recently moved from NYC to Texas.

I’ve been either a co-founder or senior leader of 8 technology companies – over the decades living and working both coasts. I’ve worked for over 20 businesses in my career. One I cofounded was a technology incubator based in NJ where we solicited mid-atlantic early stage entrepreneurs, vetted their business plans, raised angel and VC dollars, provided advice, and developed their V1 software products. At the time, I also served as entrepreneur-in-residence and as Board Chair for BFTP-NE here in Bethlehem.

I LOVE and deeply respect people who are willing to put it all on the line in pursuit of their dreams. There’s nothing more fulfilling …especially when helping/coaching those who have had good ideas but no voice or limited access to our services. They inspire.

What is the best advice for someone starting a new business? Go for it! …and be ready for a sometimes random and off the wall journey. When the unforeseen invariably disrupts your business effort: Agility, resilience and hard work are more important than that buttoned-down business plan (although both are necessary obviously important).