Top 3 Marketing Mistakes Made By Small Businesses

  1. Small businesses do not take the time to focus on digital channels. 
    • Have a relevant website. Everyone should have a website that fully describes their products/services available and contact info, your address, and hours for potential customers to see. Then update your website regularly by having blogs, videos, and infographics.
    • Social Media is not a waste of time. Social Media accounts are free so use them to give tips and advice in your area to grow your audience and customers.
    • Use email for marketing. Everyone is already paying for email or using a free gmail account so sending some marketing focused emails would not cost anything extra. They should be done anywhere from weekly to monthly.
    • For the future. As a new generation of customers and clients comes into fruition, they will depend on the internet to find their resources.  You need to use the available digital resources to capture this audience and convert them into customers.
  2. Small businesses need to Partner with their neighbors. 
    • Your customers are probably interested in your neighbors products and services just as they are in yours.  Working with them to create events and comarketing campaigns will only benefit both of your businesses.
  3. Small businesses do not spend enough on marketing. 
    • It takes money to make money and small businesses need to spend money on marketing. Good marketing materials are not free and advertising has a price as well.  Invest in them regularly and try many different things but when something works, rinse and repeat!