This Is What Every Small Business Owner Needs To Do!

As we say our goodbyes to 2020, we all need to reflect and learn how to be better in the future.  This was one of the craziest years in history but one thing I know is that we as individuals and businesses can do a lot better.  It was awful to see so many businesses close their doors this year and so many more will be forced into closing their doors in 2021.  This pandemic has affected us in many ways, and some are still unknown.  However, if there is 1 lesson every small business owner should have learned, it is, ALWAYS HAVE CAPITAL AVAILABLE!

No one wants debt but no one wants to struggle either.  A line of credit solves both of those problems.  When you have a line of credit, you always have capital available to you but have no debt until you use it.  Payments are not made unless there is an outstanding balance on the line.  Why would you have a balance?  We just went through a pandemic and too many businesses were forced to close their doors because of the lack of capital on hand.  Once you need the cash you cannot apply for a line of credit.  By then it is too late.  The line must be in existence so that when the cash is needed you dip in.  If no cash is needed, then you never have to make a payment.

As we approach the holidays and get everyone in our family gifts, we need to give our business the gift of security.  We have insurance “just in case” and so we should also have a line of credit – “just in case.” Sadly, even with a vaccine on the horizon, it seems like this pandemic is not going away any time soon.  If there is 1 thing to learn from your fellow business owners who were forced to fail – it is do not make the same mistakes.  Get a line of credit today while your business is healthy and functioning.  Do not let it be too late for you.  Get the line of credit and thank us later – but you, your business, and your family needs this now.