Strategies To Spend More Time With Family

Being stuck home through this pandemic allows us time to reflect on everything going on in our lives. We have all started our businesses to create a better life for not just us but our family.  As we strive to make that happen, we sometimes lose the ability to separate work from home life.  This is key to continued success for the business and our lives.  Once things get back to normal, try these 2 ideas over the next 6 months and see how it helps.

  1. Create a family outing every month.  Do something fun with your family every month.  Whether you are watching a movie, bowling, playing board games, or cards it is important to do it together.  It can be fun if a different person picks each month to allow everyone a chance to share their interests.
  2. Spend 1 day a week with a member of your family. We said above to have a family outing every month, but if you can pick 1 person every week and do something special with them. That could be as simple as lunch or a day at the zoo.  Regardless of your choice, it is important to make the time to do it.

As we are all stuck at home in this pandemic we should appreciate the ability to spend this time with our family.  Hopefully, we will be returning to normal soon and when we do, we do not want to lose sight of what is truly important.  Remember, we all started our businesses to make our life and our families lives better but we can’t lose sight that the best thing is to spend time with them!