Meet Our Newest Team Member – Yashira

(Q) What do you want people to know about you?
(Yashira) My name is Yashira Villegas have lived in Bethlehem my whole life and I have seen many changes in the community. I am very excited to do my part in the continued growth within the business atmosphere. I truly love business and it’s a passion of mine.

(Q) What is your background in business development?
(Yashira) My background started at 15 when I help my father start his first business. I truly fell in love with business in 2015 when I became the Business Specialist for Wells Fargo Bank.

(Q) What does supporting small businesses mean to you?
(Yashira) It means that I am affecting the community and helping people in a positive way. That I am a stepping stone in the vision and dreams that business owners have.

(Q) What is your best advice for someone who wants to start a business?
(Yashira) Take the leap, I know it may be scary but the best paths are the scary ones. You will have bumps in the road but with hard work and the knowledge you received from others will help get closer to your dreams. You’re going to need a village to raise you baby but that is why you have a great community.