Funding To Continue For State Grant Applicants!

We are announcing businesses that will be moving to the next round of funding soon.  This will be email communication sent directly to the applicants with information on how and if they could move forward.  Some applicants will be accepted into the 1st round of funding, others will be requested to provide additional information to be eligible in the next round, and sadly some will be told that they are not eligible for funding.  If you are accepted into round 1 you are not promised a grant. Next, we will confirm all necessary documents have been submitted and in the proper form and you will be notified if your application will be awarded in round one. The next round of funding will start after August 28th.  If you are not eligible this round please continue to monitor your emails as well as media announcements for updates on potentially new funding programs or contact your CDFI partner, local and state representatives to inquire about additional funding options.

This is major news as we always want to do everything we can for our business community.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns through these times.