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CJ’s Gourmet Mystic Mustard

The history of CJ’s Gourmet Mystic Mustard

It all started back in 1995 when Carolyn was working at a law firm in PA.  During the holiday it became to costly for her to give the secretaries in the office a gift.  So she created a mustard, a cherry sauce  and put them in a small basket with honey sticks,and chocolate.  Carolyn had created gift basket for her coworkers.  It also went to family and friends that year who loved the idea.  Without warning, the request for the mustard got out of control,  In the years to follow, Carolyn found herself  making much more mustard.   Everyone was requesting the mustard to provide as gifts for their friends and family.

Making it a business

Friends and family were advising her to sell and start her own company.  It wasn’t until an old school teacher suggested she take a Start Your Business course in Bethlehem.  Carolyn took the advice and immediately started the process.  Shortly after completing the course, she had some set backs in her life.  A year or two later, Carolyn slowly started to get her business back on track.  She began scheduling events at food and wine festivals.  CJ’s Mystic Mustard was really making its way around the Lehigh Valley.

Popularity Growing

By 2018, Carolyn started selling her mustard a various retail locations and events.  With demand growing, she needed funds to help pay for ingredients, supplies and entrance fees for various events.  The Rising Tide was able to provide a small business loan for working capital.  She began offering different flavors.  Now there is a core of five mustards (Original, Lemon, Raspberry, Garlic, and Wasabi)


Visit CJ’s Gourmet Mustard on the website at, www,cjsgourmetmustard.com


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