Punch Out Games


Cafe/Retail Shop


$50,000 small business loan

Recently established, Punch Out Games will operate from a leased storefront at 159 Northampton St. in Easton. Owners Barbara Vasconez and Mikus Matiss had the dream of opening a space and retail store to promote board games and establish a welcoming place for friends and neighbors to meet. The space will house areas for playing one of the more than 200 games in their library or enjoying light refreshments in their minimal service restaurant.

Established in 2021 after a night of Mario Party, Punch Out Games describes themselves as a board game pop up team. “We bring the games and you bring your friends! Our goal is to bring the community together with our love of teaching & playing,” according to the store’s website.

The Rising Tide Community Loan Fund provided Punch Out Games with a $50,000 loan for furniture and fixtures.