CeCe Js

Business Background

After more than 20 years working in the consumer product industry, Ceceilia Jackson noticed the big demand for natural products. This sparked an interest in starting her own business.  She is the proud founder and CEO of Cece J’s Snacks.

Ceceilia began her journey in her kitchen where she taught herself the art of dehydrating fruits & vegetables. CeCe J’s recipes are dedicated to healthy living and snacking.  The products are made from all-natural and simple ingredients.  The company looks to channel a passion for nutritious snacks that is truly worth celebrating life and your dreams.

Cece J’s strives to create healthy snack alternatives that foster healthier communities, fit into our active lifestyle, and are accessible to everyone. Current flavors include Cocazanna (Banana Coconut) and Cinnamon Strawberry Apple.  The products can be found at various markets throughout the Lehigh Valley.  In addition, the products are being sold online.   Ceceilia plans to gain placements of products at retail groceries, convenience stores, colleges/universities, K-12 schools, healthcare and business industries.  She plans to sign up with American Heart Disease and Dementia Research Association to give a percentage of her sales.  In addition, she plans to create fun and engaging community events around the brand.

Our help

There has been many obstacles and challenges that have been presented.  For instance, CeCe J’s  was looking to fulfill a volume of purchase orders that the business had acquired.   Securing financing for a new equipment proved to be a challenge for this business owner.  With the help of the Rising Tide, the business was able to obtain funding to fulfill those orders and much more.

“Retail Mosaic- Allentown Program funded through Rise N Tide  provided  me with a commercial dehydrator machine which enabled the company to fulfill  backorders , hired additional employees,  expand the business and take it to the next level.  We are excited to be able to create job opportunities and give back to community.”

Business Website:  https://cecejsnacks.com/

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