Bonn Place Brewing, Inc


Food Service


$100,000 Bethlehem Small Business Loan Fund

Bonn Place Brewing, Inc., will be owned and operated by Samuele Masotto. While touring the country as their alter personalities, Tony and Tina of Tony and Tina’s Wedding, an off-Broadway hit, Sam and his wife, Gina, explored many breweries for beer has long been their passion. With their passion that could no longer be contained, Sam and Gina gained experience by working in the food and brewing industry in hopes of one day making their dream a reality. With the help from the Bethlehem Small Business Loan Fund, Sam borrowed $100,000 to purchase his brewing equipment. Bonn Place Brewing strives to be a unique craft beer destination and café style taproom serving both traditional styles of beer, such as pale ales and lagers along with less known styles such as Gose (beer made with sea salt) and Geuze (a traditional Belgian Sour) styles. Bonn Place Brewing  will not be your typical brew pub for Sam believes “…if craft does not have the opportunity to be unique, what is the point?”