A Line of Credit is a Lifeline For Your Business

As a business owner it is likely that, at one time or another, you were hit with an unexpected expense or you missed an opportunity due to lack of available funds.  The unexpected is inevitable and it can be crippling but with some forward thinking, one can better position the business to handle the unexpected.  One way to do so is to obtain a business line of credit.  Think of a business line of credit as a lifeline for your business.  A line of credit provides you with funding when you need it and the best feature of a line of credit is that you do not have to make payments unless you take an advance.  It is like having a “get out of trouble” card in your back pocket and there is comfort in knowing that you have a safety net if you start to fall.

Visit our website at www.therisingtide.org or call us at 484-893-1039, TODAY.  Don’t wait until you need funding for it may be too late or you may missed your opportunity to qualify. You should apply for a line of credit when you don‘t need it for you don’t have the time to wait for your lender to process your request when your roof is leaking and your inventory is literally sinking faster than the Titanic or when you had to throw out the entire contents of your freezer due to a power outage or when a large purchase order comes in but you lack the inventory to fulfill it.  You want to apply when your business is financially strong, when you can present your best financials and you can afford for the lender to take some time to underwrite the request.