CeCe J’s


Retail/ Manufacturing


$15,000 City of Allentown Retail Mosaic Self-Forgiving Loan

Ceceilia Jackson, owner and operator of CeCe J’s Snacks, has over 20 years of experience in the consumer products industry.  Cece J’s is a company that creates and manufactures fruit and sweet potato chips snacks, that are both nutritious and good.  These tasty snacks are manufactured in Allentown.  You can find her products at markets throughout the Lehigh Valley and online retailers.  When volume of purchase orders increased, CeCe J’s needed a bigger equipment.  As a result, Ceceilia reached out to the Rising Tide for funding to help  fulfill the purchase orders she had acquired.

A $15,0000 loan administered through the Rising Tide was used to purchase a commercial dehydrator.

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